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website and seeing the expertise available to you
then please see what other previous clients have
said below -

One such professional said.....
"Mr Stevenson has shown he has the Knowledge,
Skill, Experience and Professionalism in advising
me with regard to the HMRC enquiry on my client.

I am most grateful to you Mr Stevenson for helping
me to steer clear of what could be a potentially
knotty situation.

I would have no hesitation in using you again in
future and would definitely recommend you to my
colleagues" - G.L. Essex. Feb.2009

Other testimonials can be seen at
Bill's Testimonials  
Bill enjoys heavy enquiry cases (Old COP9 and new Contractual
Disclosure Facility) and also complex technical issues that help him to keep
his brain cells operating.  

His expertise built up over 41 years in HMRC (and Inland Revenue before
that) is available to any client who has been let down or is in trouble. Let
him take the stresses of your enquiry and you can get on with your
business earning the money and only bothering about the important

Bill is also very able to provide second opinions to other professionals in
his specialist subjects being  tax investigations and all direct tax technical
subjects. If the taxman wants to tax it Bill can help you in deciding if they

As Moira Stewart says Tax does not have to be taxing
and she should know as she has her own tax company saving her a penny
or two of tax each year. I don't suppose that she has had a tax enquiry as
yet so how would she know.

As Bill says Tax does not have to be taxing - BUT IT IS!!!
so let him take the stress out of your enquiry and let you get on with your
business and life

Tax Enquiry Advice Partnership
BT/Fax                    01779 812480
Mobiles :                07751720507 or
24/7                       07899913414   

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New Disclosure Opportunity - (NDO)

2009 Offshore Amnesty came and went but it is still
looming over some poor souls
This would be all those tax "evaders" who held offshore
bank accounts with either or any of the five big banks that
were targeted in the first amnesty. So if you had an offshore
account with Barclays, HSBC, HBOS, Lloyds and RBS and
you haven't yet approached HMRC to disclose your
understated interest (and any other overlooked income) you
need an experienced tax adviser to help you. HMRC hold
information for a number of other banks in various countries
so inevitably they may well approach you when you least
expect it. We can help here.

Given some of the experiences of people that tried to deal
with the amnesties themselves in the first round we would
suggest that our fees would be well repaid a number of
times over if you decided to work with us to get you the best
deal going from a belated approach to HMRC before they
come to you.

Remember it isn't just the tax evaded on the offshore
interest that HMRC is interested in and you could be making
problems for yourself by either trying to do it yourself or
engaging somebody that doesn't have the necessary

Remember they need to cover all taxes and all the
questions that will arise in relation to your money invested in
the accounts. Can your present adviser handle such
intensive questioning and defend you as will be needed  ...
we can...

Try Tax Enquiry Advice the firm with the national expertise
but the local fees. NO VAT charged in addition to quoted
fees as we are not inclined to be unpaid tax collectors.

If you haven't done the necessary in the past you will clearly
need specialist help

Be WARNED - You need to take the opportunity as HMRC
still hold information in relation to tax evaders from the last
two offshore "amnesties" and inevitably they will want to
make examples of somebody at some time. Make sure that it
isn't you and get experienced help from Bill Stevenson

Anything considered but remember we will only undertake
full disclosure work BUT will use our expertise to minimise
your overall bill......

looking forward to your contact either by phone on
07751720507 (Bill)  or
01779 812480 BT Landline or
07899913414 (Vicky)

or by using the
feedback form to send an email
The first said
"I can’t recommend Bill Stevenson’s services more
Having spent over 9 months trying to deal with an
HMRC offshore disclosure enquiry on my own,
going nowhere and getting more intrusive – Bill
sorted it out in 3 months.
Not only dealing with what looked like a potentially
large CGT, but also turning this into a Tax
The whole episode was really a reflection on the
time wasting methods of HMRC, and the efficiency
of Bill in dealing with them.
RC Wales - July 2009.

Another client said:-
I cannot recommend Bill highly enough. If ever I am
unfortunate enough to suffer another enquiry, Bill
will be the first person I call.

After quite a few sleepless nights contemplating my
plan of action and how to get out of the mess I had
landed myself. I had a chat with Bill and he laid
down the options and possible outcomes.

To cut a long story short... At the end of the day I
was astonished with the 'nil' result that he achieved.

Many thanks Bill, appreciated.
P. - July 2009
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If you want the benefit of our experience - Call Bill on 07751720507 or Vicky on 07899913414

Bill had 41 years plus on the dark side -  and Vicky 31 years and now had 6 years on the good side advising clients large and small on
the appropriate strategy for getting the best results from their problems with HMRC

Bill Stevenson for Tax Enquiry Advice partnership  
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