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Small Accountants Disclosure - SAD by  name if that is
what they choose.

We can expect to see HMRC being more active in dealing
with enquiries into small accountants- not your size or
human attributes - but your practice.

Unfortunately when you are a professional and you are
advising others in relation to tax HMRC will look at
shortcomings in your own work as being more serious than
other taxpayers. You therefore need to manage your
disclosure carefully otherwise you could end up with a
disproportionate disturbance to your business with HMRC
accountants reviewing your client's working paper files.

If you have been advising clients to hold offshore bank
accounts with a view to concealing tax evaded gains then
you could be next on the list. After all when the chips are
down you can expect your ex-clients to point the finger in
somebody's direction. No smoke without fire they say and
enough fingers pointing in one direction can lead to dawn
raids (OK 7:30 or later usually nowadays with human
rights concerns) which can potentially take away your
livelihood. Any doubts get a second opinion from Bill
before the HMRC accountancy unit calls to make an
appointment or more unexpectedly joins in a meeting with
between your client, yourself and a local office Inspector.

Bill has experience in dealing with such cases and reports
so please feel free to call him on 07751720507 for a short
chat on the possible dangers and how he can help.

send him a message giving an outline of your
potential problem as an introduction to a chat on matters.   
HMRC have moved on to the next stage of their so called
amnesties following the Medical Professionals, Plumbers and
Trainers and Coaches schemes by encouraging Electricians
and other similar traders to come forward and tell all as
regards their understated taxable income.
he latest tax disclosure plan that is currently running can be
viewed here
Latest Campaigns and News

Even if there is not a current ongoing campaign Bill or Vicky
can usually get you decent terms for any voluntary disclosure
through a dedicated voluntary contact point.

Bill or Vicky can help you get the best deal going.

Remember that making a disclosure before HMRC come after
you can avoid HMRC naming and shaming you as a tax

So if you have been receiving income which has not been
reported in your tax return then you still need to act quickly
before they come a knocking on your door - possibly even

Remember it might not be the local office that will contact you
but the more experienced and heavy "Taxes Criminal Unit" or
"Civil Investigation of Fraud" teams that decide you are to be

Don't put your head in the sand get
help now from
Bill (ring 07751720507) or
Vicky (ring 07899913414)

See what one Medical professional had to say about Bill's
work on his enquiry

“ The Revenue launched an enquiry after they were
dissatisfied with my offshore disclosure. I knew there were
problems and particularly as a professional man I was
terrified. Having floundered around for a week or two looking
at the different websites, that offered expertise for those in
my predicament, I took the plunge and phoned Bill.

His number was top of the list I had made and I'm glad it was.

After an initial discussion on the phone, Bill agreed to meet
me. He was totally non-judgemental, he made the ground
rules clear - absolute honesty with him or he would walk away
- and it was clear that he had an encyclopaedic knowledge of
tax and of how the HMRC system worked.

It seems to me the Revenue recognise his qualities and all
the patient, laborious work he did on my rather messy affairs
paid off with acceptance of his workings and a penalty that
was very much at the bottom end of expectations.

If you are looking for a highly effective tax professional, whom
you can confidently work with towards an optimal solution
look no further than Bill Stevenson.”  … Dr LC.
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Bill had 41 years plus on the dark side -  and Vicky 31 years and now
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clients large and small on the appropriate strategy for getting the best results from their problems with HMRC

Bill Stevenson