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HM Revenue & Customs - Inland Revenue
Visit the Inland Revenue site  if you want to look
up useful references or you just fancy a browse.
Use their own manuals to win your argument.

Tax Evasion Hotline
Someone could have "shopped you" to this
Under the self assessment rules HMRC
doesn't have to tell you its reasons for enquiry.
But you can get information from them in certain
circumstances. Use our
Feedback Form to get in
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chat is free. Or Contact us on the numbers on
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Individuals and Employees section
Access to the HMRC&C section for Individuals &
Employees - see basics and how to..........

Employers Section
Access the HMRC&C section for Employers -
see basics and how to .......

Businesses Corporations Partnerships
Access the HMRC&C section for Businesses etc

The Budget
Access the latest Budget information .........

Offshore Banking Loses its Appeal
Read how any information on offshore banking
accounts may be disclosed by tax havens.
can manage any disclosure needed.
that Leichtenstein has joined the tax evasion
fight it won't be long before HMRC know
about all accounts.
UK Law Question
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