Residence, Domicile, Remittances etc -
HMRC are getting more active in this area presumably
because the old system expires on 5th April 2013 and
therefore if they do not have a good look at the year
ended 5th April 2012 and 2013 matters will change.
Gone will be Not Ordinarily Resident and in will come
the new Statutory Residence Test.
If you have any doubts get it checked out before they
drop a letter through your letter box
Call Bill on 07751720507 for an initial free chat
Here are some of the current problems that you
might be worried about. Or maybe even things you
didn't realise were wrong......
for example
Electricians Safe Tax Plan - Chance for you to get
matters put right at low penalty cost
Doctors and Other GMC professionals
Small accountants
Scrap Merchants in Scotland
Fishing Industry in Scotland

Restaurant owners and operatives
They will eventually get round to south of the
All coming under the microscope  soon -
Dont worry about it get
in touch for solid advice
Current Topics
(a) Offshore Banking -
Another amnesty @ 10% coming but
conditions apply - Let us help you save the
costs of inexperience -
see Bill's page

Dave Hartnett, the acting Chairman of HMRC was
quoted as saying:
“Some people will go to jail — I have no doubt
about that, for example where they have lied to us
during a previous investigation. We do not
tolerate that at all.”

OK so you didn't take advantage of the Offshore
Disclosure Facility and HMRC haven't come a
knocking yet. It is rumoured that

(i) HMRC are looking for the correct prosecution
cases and
(ii) there will possibly be a new tax amnesty
coming soon

therefore anybody with a decent load offshore in the
years to 2005-06 & 2006-07 should really think hard
before keeping their head in the sand.

You can still get a good deal and lower penalties than
otherwise if you are agreeable to
let us manage your
and go forward before you get caught. We can
also see about getting you immunity from  
prosecution and HMRC may settle for money -
especially if you come forward before they arrive
on the scene.

The Offshore bank account project team have been
known to make demands they are not necessarily
entitled to make so get advice from Bill to
keep them in

Advice can be given on the advantages of going forward
with an amnesty on the cards and the options open to

Bill is here to help and use the
Contact Us page to
make direct contact for an initial chat at no charge.

Goodwill & Incorporation of Company -  
Once upon a time it was considered a nice wheeze for a
practitioner to get a nice fat fee in return for getting his
client - a profitable trader  - to incorporate his business
with the carrot of getting nearly £36K tax free from the
new company's director's loan account. Then into the
bargain the advisers annual fees were higher for
administering the company books etc.

HMRC didn't do much about the £36K ploy so then the
tax advisers got greedy and more ingenious and started
to exploit HMRC's seeming weakness.

However although it takes them a while it seems from
one of my recent enquiries that they may be getting
more on top of the game.  If you are a tax adviser that
has exploited the seeming loophole or a taxpayer that
has followed your tax advisers advice you may need
help. Bill and Vicky at Tax Enquiry Advice Partnership
are here to help

Safety deposit boxes - Operation Rize -
In June 2008 eight addresses were raided, including
three London safe depositories, two other business
premises and three private addresses in the city of
London and Hertfordshire by the Met in relation to
money laundering. They have been pretty pleased with
themselves and I think it is inevitable that some time
soon they will be providing HMRC with juicy information
that won't be of any use to the Met but great news for
HMRC about hidden tax evaded etc cash and valuables.
Normally HMRC will trawl safety deposit boxes if they get
wind of it in any enquiry and if either you had a box in a
raided premises or you have an enquiry with cash in
your deposit box you need help before it is too late.
Dealing with enquiries in this area require careful
management.  Tax Enquiry Advice Partnership is here to

Employer Compliance Visits -
If you recently read an article possibly suggesting that
Employer Compliance staff were not visiting to detect
fraud and that they would believe whatever you say as
regards there being no particular benefits when they go
through their checklists then beware. Do not use this
tactic to side step answering a question in a way you
know is wrong as it can lead to you being accused of
lying and potentially higher penalties (and even being
referred to the Serious Criminal Investigation section).
You might of course get lucky and be seen by a CIF

If any of these problems hit a raw nerve contact us with
the feedback form and we will help - whatever the
problem is it is never beyond help

Bill can be contacted 24/7 on 07751720507
Get help from Vicky in having a Tax Health
Check before HMRC comes
 knocking or drops
that dreaded letter through your door
Don't lose sleep or worry about that niggling
deal with it before the tax man comes
Get help from
Bill (call 07751720507)or
Vicky (call 07899913414) at Tax Enquiry Advice
Vicky is up to speed on HMRC's current work and
projects including their direct phone calls to clients
under the guise of the Business Records Check.
Don't get caught out give her a call before you talk to
them. Forewarned is forearmed as they say.

She can also help by  checking out your business and
record keeping to let you know if there are likely to be
any faults or shortcomings identified during an
enquiry(ies) so don't be complacent.

From January 2009 Vicky has been available to help
in this initiative

Give us a text or send us an email

You can also just pick up the phone and talk to
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