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Having retired EARLY from HMRC I have
brought to the partnership 30 years of
experience in a wide range of tax matters.

If you have any problems we are bound to be
able to help. So give us a call or even an

to chat about your problem
Vicky's page
On the go is the old chestnut - Income from property project
where HMRC have got all the details of rentals received by the
landlords for housing benefit claimants over the last few years.
So if you have been in receipt of such rents and not declared

letter shortly. If you need our help why not get ahead of the
game and see what we can do for you. Give us
a call or even
an e-mail  

Plumbers - Are you Corgi registered?
It is rumoured that HMRC are going to single out non-registered
cowboys. So now is the time that you need to be getting things
straight and your books organised so that you are not caught
on the hop. Let Vicky help you bring your tax liabilities up to
date before that brown envelope lands on your doormat. There
are ways that we can help you. Use their own secrets to get it
resolved to your best advantage.

The Corner Shop -
Have you been suppressing your purchases or just not
recording all your sales? If so you could end up with a major tax
bill that can double in size with interest and penalties.
We know how HMRC tackle your type of enquiries and we have
the secrets and strategy to beat them at their own game. We
will not do anything illegal but we will argue (and win) against
their imaginary additions to your sales to good effect

Cash trades -
You might think that they will never know if you forget to record
all your sales. Don't fall for this false sense of security. Do you
know what your friendly till on the counter can tell the
taxman...We do -  so we can help before you get yourself into
deeper water.

Employee Status -
The taxman is coming and he will be looking at your self-
employed contracts. Did you have all employees sacked on the
Friday to be taken back on the Monday as self employed to
save you NIC holiday costs etc. If so you are one of the groups
liable to be visited by your friendly Employer Compliance teams.
But they  are seldom alone nowadays  with just as likely to have
their friendly Tax Inspector with them to look at your records.
Can you handle all aspects beign looked at in the same
enquiry.... we can help so give us a ring or send an e-mail

and then of course there are

Scottish Scrap Merchants - Cash is king until the taxman

National Restauranteurs - under-ringing, till manipulation or
double dipping doesn't work when the taxman knows you have
done it. Get help before they track down the people using the
till manipulation software from the distribution lists.

Bill and Vicky can help just give us a call on 07751720507
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Mr A.  - West Midlands
When I received a letter from HMRC asking for details of
rental income over the past six years, I was fortunate
enough to be directed to Tax Enquiry Advice and Vicky
Young. The help that I received was fantastic. Vicky
took charge of matters straight away and handled
everything from start to finish in a very competent and
efficient way. I did not have to deal with HMRC directly at

My matter was resolved quickly with no tax to pay.

I would recommend Vicky and Tax enquiry Advice to
anyone who has to deal with HMRC. Tax Enquiry Advice
are genuinely very good.'

P.D. Workington -
"I contacted Tax Enquiry Advice after receiving the
dreaded letter from HMRC!

Bill spent at least 2 hours replying to my query,
completely free of charge whereas all of the companies i
contacted either didn't get in touch or just sent a very
brief reply.

I knew then that Tax Enquiry Advice would be the best
place to go.

Bill took full control from the outset and immediately put
my mind at rest. He then handed the case over to Vicky
(Bill's new business partner) who was superb right from
the word go.

I was kept fully informed at every stage of the enquiry
via e-mail and the matter was resolved within
approximately 3 months.

All my worries were taken away by Tax Enquiry Advice
and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Bill and
Vicky have been first class throughout and I will
continue to use them for next years tax return.

Thank you Bill and Vicky - you have been superb."
Landline and fax:  01779812480
Mobiles :                07751720507 or
24/7                      07899913414   

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