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Remember not all tax advisers can deal with all taxes
nor do they realise how much (or rather how little)
HMRC can do.

However it also has to be remembered that since
1st April 2009 the procedures for obtaining information
from taxpayers and other third parties have changed
along with some of their powers and deterrents.

If the matters are important enough then you also might
have to contend with visits at very short notice and
handling the new Schedule 36 information powers.

Make sure that your tax adviser is up to scratch and
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The HEALTH PLAN - If you are a GMC register medical
professional see the following link
Doctors Health Plan
then call Bill on 07751720507for experienced help if you
got it wrong or have doubts.

New Disclosure Opportunity -
The second tax amnesty arrived on 1st September 2009
with taxpayers having the opportunity to get a low 10%
penalty on the tax evaded if they had understated their tax
liabilities in respect of income arising overseas (in an
offshore bank account). It closed however in March 2010
and HMRC have been ploughing through the bulk
information to challenge taxpayers who have not
apparently taken the chance to put matters right.
From problems seen by the firm it is clear that DIY NDO's
were not a good idea as all taxes need to be considered
and for incomplete disclosures there could be problems
that might not be settled for money (i.e. there could be
possible prosecution if serious enough).

Get the help and expertise available from Tax Enquiry
Advice and don't take the chance of getting it wrong again.
We should be working together as quickly as possible as
obtaining the information needed to make your disclosure
could be difficult or time consuming.

Be WARNED - You needed to take that opportunity as
HMRC still hold information in relation to tax evaders from
the last "amnesty" and inevitably they will want to make
examples of somebody at some time.

The new
Contractual Disclosure Facility - "CDF"
-could end up with HMRC having their cake and eating it if
you engage a professional who is not experienced in the
ways of working large Civil Settlements with HMRC.

Since this new scheme hit the stocks in February 2012
HMRC can now withdraw from an agreement to deal with
matters civilly if you
(a) do not advise your disclosure and sign up to the
scheme within 60 days of HMRC approaching you and
offering you the CDF
(b) you change your mind
(c) you do not make a full disclosure within the agreed
(d) you stop co-operating

Gone are the days when so called advisers could tell you
to take up HMRC's offers of COP9 and having obtained
immunity from prosecution just do nothing material or
quickly. This can only be good news for our way of working
- namely, full disclosure and cooperation tempered with a
wicked sense of justice in legally minimising HMRC's take.   
Make sure that it isn't you that is put in the frame by others
incompetence and get experienced help from Bill
Stevenson or Vicky Young

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If you want the benefit of our experience

Bill had 41 years plus on the dark side -  and Vicky 31 years and now had 6 years on the good side advising clients large and
small on the appropriate strategy for getting the best results from their problems with HMRC

Bill Stevenson   
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