Stage 1 - When the letter drops through the door you just know by the colour that it's bad news. Then you open the buff
envelope and you heart sinks when you read either of the sentences
"We have reason to believe.......
"Thank you for your 2008 ...... return, I am writing to advise you that I am opening an enquiry into that return...

Your heart sinks and you reach for the whisky tumbler..... What  do you do next?
Well the lucky few will Google "Tax Enquiry Advice " and will click on   "Tax Enquiry Advice Partnership"   

for cost effective advice and help on your Inland revenue Enquiry.
Get Big Four Expertise without the Big Firm Fees  
Tax Enquiry Stages
some longer asking you for the information and/or
documents they need. Will you know what their powers are?
We do.....
The letter can come from various offices or teams (local or
far afield) and it can be an enquiry into one or two Aspects of
your return or a Full blown enquiry into all matters in your
return(s). Each type of enquiry needs it's own response and
we can handle these to your best advantage.

If YOU are an agent or professional reading this and the
letter is from one of the Specialist offices (SCI or CIF or
RCPO) or from one of the Offshore Teams in relation to
Offshore Bank accounts don't get out of your depth and put
your negligence policy at risk - Get Bill's expertise to keep
you right or save you worry.

Stage 2- You respond - It is at this stage that Enquiries
sets the scene for the enquiry. Handle it wrong and you could
be in for a drawn out enquiry; an escalation to one of the
specialist teams mentioned in Stage 1 or worse of all
Specialist team and use of formal powers.

see a way to
(a) giving HMRC the comfort they need to close the enquiry

(b) managing the enquiry to resolve it to your best advantage
within the law

(c) casting an expert eye over your books and records
before HMRC's expert gets at them

You can rest assured that with Vicky or Bill's involvement
your stress levels should be minimised.

Stage 3 - Managing the enquiry -
Your enquiry - Sometimes HMRC requests exceed their they
just don't think. Knowing just what HMRC can and cannot do
within it's statutory powers enables us to protect your rights
and interests in all types of enquiries.

Tax agents and Professionals - don't be bullied into
providing everything that is asked for as HMRC are not
always right - don't be bullied and put your Professional
negligence policy at risk.
Out of your depth is out of the

Even an open minded Inspector has to consider all the
possibilities. Put yourself in his/her position. What would you
be thinking if you found
(a) an amount of bank interest had been omitted from a
return or
(b) a sale hadn't gone through your books?
(c) a personal  expense had been claimed against profits.

All different  possibilities might occur to the Inspector.  This
can lead to drawn out enquiries and unwarranted invasions
of your privacy in an attempt to get to all the facts.

With early involvement in your enquiry and co-operation from
you I will be able to preempt such problems and guide the
enquiry to a satisfactory conclusion.

see next column >>>.
You will be in the best position possible if you contact Bill or Vicky as soon as you get the dreaded letter  
but we can always help you at any stage up to discussing penalties. Mind you at the last stage it would have been better
if you had found us earlier
unknown for HMRC to have a "Nil" result.

This would be our  aim - A "Nil" result (assuming you have
been forthright in our discussions and you have not been
understating your income - intentionally or otherwise).

If however profits have been understated then you will be
asked to sign important documents at some stage in the
enquiry and we can ensure that you are properly advised on
their completion and relevance.

negotiation and presentation skills should enable us to get
the best result possible within the law

Stage 5 - Preparing for Settlement - (A bit late for us
being involved for the first time to get the best value possible
However even if we are only brought on board at this late
gone before we should be able to save you our fees and

If it is agreed in Stage 4 that your income has been
understated we can address with you and give you the
benefit of our experience of the commercial realities of
settling with HMRC.

If the unpaid duties are large enough you will find yourself
being asked to pay not only the duties unpaid but interest on
those duties and a penalty which statutorily could be as much
as the duties again.

However it is the practice of HMRC to accept a mitigated
penalty in any offer you want to make.  We can give you the
benefit of our knowledge at all levels from over 70 years of
considering other Inspectors figures and submitting cases for
the Board of HMRC's approval to get you the best deal

Properly armed with such information and with strong
negotiating skills enables us to offer an acceptable amount
taking into account the factors of disclosure, cooperation,
size and gravity.

In the unfortunate situation that things go wrong with your
enquiry at any stage we are always prepared to either
independently (or with your adviser) review matters and
provide possible solutions for your benefit - including taking
matters before the Appeals Commissioners - (soon to be
replaced by the Appeal Tribunal etc).

Tax Advisers and Tax Agents: As you will gather we also
assist "general practice" professionals by supplying a full
range of independent services through from short telephone
advice or "back room support" through to the full up front
representation for the Tax Enquiry. No risk of us stealing
your client and let your client have the confidence of knowing
"you have a man (and woman)  that knows the answer"

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Sleep easy tonight get Vicky and Bill on board
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